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Luxury Leather Samsung Galaxy S10 Wallet Case by FYY store

Hello guys and happy saturday!!

Do you know? The new Samsung Galaxy S10 family includes a core set of shared features, such as multiple cameras, with only minimal tweaks differentiating the various models. More importantly, the various sizes and price points mean it will be easier than ever to find the right phone.  And you need a good FYY case! I believe this FYYstore case offers a lot of protection for the phone in case you drop it. This product has three models and colors, which are Galaxy S10e Case (5.8"), Galaxy S10 Case(6.1") and Galaxy S10+ Plus Case (6.4”).

You will like everything about it, it protects your phone, has slits for license and credit cards and as long as the magnetic strip on the cards are facing the binding/inside of case there's no problem with the cards becoming demagnatized. It's sturdy and great phone protection. Purchase an extra one for yourself should you ever need it plus another as part of a gift haha. Check their Facebook and Amazon page to know more info!

Coupons, expired on March 16:

- Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Case (only black): SQD7AO83

- Samsung Galaxy S10 Case (only black): MHWSPAPR

- Samsung Galaxy S10e Case (only black): 9SESNGTY

RFID Patent Technique: RFID Technique: Radio Frequency Identification technology, through radio signals to identify specific targets and to read and copy electronic data. Most Credit Cards, Debit Cards, ID Cards are set-in the RFID chip, the RFID reader can easily read the cards information within 10 feet (about 3m) without touching them. This case is designed to protect your cards information from stealing with blocking material of RFID shielding technology.

Luxury Material: Made of PREMIUM COWHIDE GENUINE LEATHER, provides SUPER impression, and keeps your phone SAFE and COMFORTABLE.

Large Capacity: Practical and Stylish. Notes Pocket and Three Card Slots for store your business cards, ID card, and some notes, etc.

Multiple Functions: Kickstand function is convenient for movie-watching or video-chatting. Strong magnetic closure keeps your phone safe like glove, fall assistance. Interior PC case with precise cutting and buttons, provides easy touching and quick response

Please Noted: Special Design ONLY FIT for Samsung Galaxy S10+ Plus 6.4 inch 2019. This product is sold exclusively by FYY US Tech. We never authorize any other seller or factory to produce or sell FYY brand products. All Products have INTERNATIONAL PATENTS. Only buy from FYY US Tech to get genuine FYY brand products with quality warranty.


  1. So cool! Love that on the side it has space for your cards.


  2. No doubt, this is a great post. Cheers!

  3. It looks cool! THanks for sharing :)

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  4. Oh wow! That is super fancy! I hope you had a lovely weekend! ♥
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  5. i've had one of these cases before and they're very comfortable!!


  6. Looks like I found the perfect case for my phone.


  7. I'm in love with how sleek and minimal the design of these cases are! I'll have to share this with my boyfriend. :) He might be interested in getting this for himself.


  8. I need a new case like this one!


  9. Such a lovely giveaway <3

    Serene XO


  10. Sounds great, thanks for sharing!
    Kisses, Paola.


  11. That is honestly a very elegant phone case!

  12. Never had a samsung before but heard it's a good phone! Nice case ❤
    Selina | Selina's Inspiration

  13. It is classy and very functional.
    Such a cool product.


  14. It sounds like such a great case for your phone xx


  15. Oh wow! This is really cool, interesting features!

    Have a lovely weekend. Xo


  16. ¡Qué carcasa tan bonita y elegante! Está súper chula :)

    Un besito, bonita ❤
    Melania | mimalditadulzura.com

  17. Very nice!


  18. Amazing and classy case.

  19. The first layout is so good.

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  21. Great post! It's a goos present for father's day! xx

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