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Sexy bedtime by FreedomSilk

Hello my darlings!

How are you? I want to introduce you a new cool website. In 2013, Freedomsilk creater Belle was prescribed acne medication which resulted in extremely sensitive skin and thinning hair. Her dermatologist suggested sleeping on a silk bedding. For those who don’t know, silk pillowcases are just that - pillowcases made entirely of silk which are said to help prevent wrinkles and even breakouts, help skin stay hydrated, and regulate body heat. The results were dramatic and immediate. Belle never looked back. She had stumbled upon a long forgotten beauty secret - and Freedomsilk was born.

When it comes to the skincare factor, there isn’t really any hard evidence that a silk bed set has anti-aging properties. Do a little Google searching and you'll find that dermatologists have put a resounding “maybe” out there. And personally, I can’t say my laugh lines have magically disappeared in the several weeks I’ve been using it, but waking up without giant pillow creases on my face certainly does make a difference, especially when you’re getting off a red-eye to, say, meet your boyfriend’s parents for the first time.

To really aid your skin, stick to a dermatologist-approved skin care routine, make sure you're removing all makeup before bed, and use safe, non-irritating products. Luxury silk bedding sets are just the cherry on top for an already established skin care routine! And you work like an adult, you deserve to relax like an adult too. A nice set of silk pajamas is the perfect place to start. Honestly, what's more grown-up than wearing fancy silk nightgown to have a sexy night? Plus, I now know that I actually do understand at least one thing about the Kardashians: the can’t-live-without-it need for this silk travel pillow is so real LOL

 Please, check the images below and click the pictures for more info! Hope you like it!

Silk pajama

Silk bedding

Silk nightgown


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  2. Wow, beautiful pieces!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. These are all lovely. I love the feel of silk pajamas.

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

  4. All of those pyjamas, bed sets and nightgowns look extremely pretty and slippery-soft. I love the looks of every one of them. They must feel delightful.


  5. I love silk I did not know about the benefits The items here are so gorgeous xoxo Cris

  6. These are great beddings and nightwear.

    Bernie, xx
    The Style Fanatic

  7. Lovely! Thanks for sharing. :)

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  8. They have such a lovely selection.


  9. amor estás preciosa! tienes estilazo brutall!!!!! feliz día! un besazo! te espero en mi blog


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