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Amazing Jupitoo's Glasses

Hello my lovelies! How are you? Hope you're having a great week!!

I want to introduce you Jupitoo, an online prescription glasses retailer, the factory located in Shenzhen, China. It's the largest production base for amazing brand eyeglasses frames worldwide!

I work in front of a computer all day, I rely heavily on technology, but it hurts my eyes and broke my mind. If I wear eyeglasses for long it gives me a headache... but no with these! They are super cute, and I wish I had them in my prescription glasses too. I've had a difficult time finding glasses that fit my tiny head and are comfortable. Here they are! I also use these when I'm on my phone, especially at night (Facebook, Instagram, emails..) it helps with the eye strain! I would consider this a great gift too! Yay! These things are awesome at such! Though, at the price, it would be easy to order even more ha ha.

They seem well-made, and come sealed in individual plastic bags, to avoid scratching. You can't even find readers at this low level in the pharmacies or book stores. Gonna be easy to spot them in my car storage places. Look for styles that match your personality and budget. Please, click the pictures below if you want to know more information: colors, size, prescription, price...

Women sunglasses

This website provides a wide assortment of prescription eyeglasses and cool designer eyeglass frames for women. I'm the type girl that always has women sunglasses on, even inside or if it's raining (celebrity style LOL).These are just great and if you're a sunglass collector like me, I highly recommend these sunnies. Butterfly glasses, cat eye glasses and the upcoming frame trends! If your still shopping for sunglasses, stop and order a pair, you won't be disappointed!!

Men sunglasses

If you want a classic design well done, look their men sunglasses section. The glasses are light weight, comfortable and do a great job of sun protection as well as being crystal clear and making it easier to see under all circumstances and conditions. Aviator glasses, vintage glasses, modern glasses... not sure how long these will last me, but for the price they were a great purchase and I'll get a lot of use out of them this summer. Really comfortable to wear as they are light and don't fall down your nose because of weight issues. For your boyfriend, husband, brother! Which one do you prefer? I'm in love with all of them!