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Gorgeous personalized jewelry by Getnamenecklace

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You know I love pieces that ensparkle people into blissful rapture. Get name necklace is a jewelry manufacturer that offers fashionable and gorgeous personalized jewelry. A professional team of designers to turn names and initials into lovely pieces of jewelry. Wide categories such as name necklaces, monogram chocker necklaces and family pendants come with good quality and competitive pricing via using of the latest jewelry making technology. Each piece can be personalized by choosing the name, initials, lettering type, metal and stones to meet your personal sense of style!

Factory procedures are well organized to bring about efficient service delivery. From the technical team right down to shipment agents that process check out of packages, they offer fast, professional and timely delivery as these aspects are major priorities required to satisfy all clients.

Engraved Two Heart Shaped CZ Ring In Silver

When two hearts become one you can celebrate finding true love with your soul mate whenever you wear this ETH Double Heart Birthstone ring. Two heart-shaped jewels mean that two people are leaning back and snuggled together, and the two hearts gradually come close, whether it is a birthday gift or a Valentine's Day gift, which is very suitable for the women in in love, so don't wait to honor your one true love. Birthstone material is Cubic Zirconia.

  • Width of Ring Band: 2.2 mm (0.086 inch)
  • Ring Height: 10 mm (0.393 inch), Heart Stone Size: 5 x 5 mm (0.2 x 0.2 inch)
  • Material: Sterling Silver 925

I Love You To The Moon and Back Necklace in Silver

This I Love You To The Moon and Back Heart Charm Necklace in hand-finished sterling silver with unique detail symbolizes everlasting connections. Share this sweet pendant to be worn and cherished always. Add a custom birthstone on the heart pendant to make it one-of-a-kind. Lavish love on yourself or a loved one with this delicate heart pendant. An elegant expression of love. Birthstone material is Cubic Zirconia as well.

  • Pendant Size: 2.3 x 1.8cm (0.90 x 0.70 inch), Main birthstone size: 4.7 x 4.7 mm (0.18 x 0.18 inch), Small birthstone size: 1.2 x 1.2 mm (0.04 x 0.04 inch), Thickness: 3 mm (0.11 inch)
  • Hook: Single Hook
  • Chain type: Box Chain
  • Chain Length: 14", 16", 18", 20", 22"
  • Material: Sterling Silver 925
  • Thickness: 1.5mm / 0.059"

Los vestidos veraniegos más bonitos de Elegrina

¡Hola mis amores! ¿Cómo estáis?

El verano ya está aquí, con nuevas tendencias en moda femenina para la temporada 2019. Los colores neón o los vestidos estampados de animales son algunos de los estilos que van a predominar, pero ¡hay muchos más! Flores, volantes, rosas... El blanco es ideal, ya que resalta nuestra piel bronceada, queda muy elegante y te transportará mágicamente a cualquier rincón de Ibiza. No lo puedes dejar pasar si quieres renovar tu armario y saber cómo vestir a la última este verano. Gracias a Elegrina seremos la ¡más sexy y trendy del lugar!

Acompaña todas las ocasiones con un look fresco y veraniego. Un corte holgado y una caída amplia sobre el cuerpo que hacen que no sea el vestido típico. Y te servirá para sentirte guapa, disimular las tapas del chiringuito y estar cómoda cuando lo lleves puesto. Los vestidos largos son perfectos para el día o para la noche. Para la rutina, para las ocasiones especiales o para la playa.

Y no nos olvidemos de los complementos: los cestos, las sandalias realizadas con cuerda, las pamelas y los sombreros de paja; el color beige y la costa como lugar de inspiración para numerosos diseñadores. Un bolsito tan chic como el de la última foto es ideal para llevar tu crema solar y tener todo a mano. Os dejo con algunos de los looks más espectaculares que he encontrado en su web. Por favor, haz click encima de las fotos si quieres saber más acerca de las tallas, colores y precios.

Cat eyeglasses by Voogueme.com

Good day guys! How are you?

New post with this cool online store, Voogueme: a leading provider of stylish prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. With their own factory, they boast the greatest advantage that they can offer you comfortable and stylish eyewear at the most competitive prices on the market. Beyond the price advantage, they offer you the most professional services from our state-of-the-art lab, which is equipped with among the most modern optical equipment in the industry.

Susan Chan, the founder & fashionista, got tired of this after decades of wearing glasses. She decided to change the eyewear business with a large pool of excellent designers, and optical experts. That's the beginning of the Voogueme quest, with a clear mission: to become the place for beautifully made frames that match you in every possible way. For examples of frames that appeal to creative or fashion-minded people, please click the pictures from this post.

You can buy eyeglasses online from retailers that don't require an eye care provider's prescription certification. The EyeGlass Numbers are the same measurements that make up a traditional eyeglass prescription to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Buy those new eyeglasses without leaving the house! You can compare the results with your last prescription to see if it is still accurate or if your vision has changed since your last visited the eye doctor. With the amazing selection, cost savings, and convenience of buying online, why not test your vision from a local store and get yourself the most up-to-date set of glasses?

They don't pay shopping centre rents or trade during shopping centre hours, this saves a significant amount off their overheads. They carefully source quality products which allow Voogueme to maintain the smallest of margins. Their cheapest price packages are priced so that the complete glasses cost as little as the same lenses alone would cost from competitors.

Have you ever dreamed of having that cute, fierce pair of your pet cat eye glasses? They're adorable, right? Well, you can now fulfill that desire by wearing cat eye glasses. I'm absolutely not kidding. They have lots of them here, and they come in various colors! So, if you want to add up fierceness to your wardrobe, a pair of these glasses is the perfect one for you. Strut it down the streets and expect eyes to stare at your goggles with envy. Cat eye glasses is one way to perk up your fashion sense, no reason for you not to try it. Different styles for different personalities.

From refined and elegant to bold and fierce, we know every woman has a unique style. Hundreds of stylish eyeglasses to explore, so you'll find the perfect frame, or frames just for you. To make shopping easier, you will find both women's and unisex glasses.

Another big fashion trend lately is retro or vintage styling. Look for exaggerated takes on frame styles from the 70's and 80's, such as oversized cat-eye and aviator shapes, as well as mod looks from the 60's. Because people generally recognize you by your face, the eyeglasses you choose to wear are a very real part of your identity. Whether you want to appear sophisticated, fun-loving, youthful, conservative or style-conscious, the right eyewear can help you shape how you are perceived. And if you choose to wear only one pair of eyeglasses for everything you do, that says something about you, too!

Browse an entire selection or refine your search by selecting options like shape, color, or size. With a selection as wide as ours, it's easy to find frames for all your fashion needs. Sort by popularity for the latest trends, or newest arrivals to see what's the latest. As always, lens options like anti-glare or thinner lenses are available after you enter your prescription and before checkout. Come discover their women's frames now!!

Preciosos vestidos de Elegrina.es

¡Hola amores!

¿Cómo estáis? Hacía mucho que no traía un post en español. Hoy os quiero hablar de Elegrina.es, una fantástica web que ofrece moda de mujer y hombre a los mejores precios. Una marca que te inspira cada día con modelos nuevos. ¡Nunca perderás estilo! Con su ropa dejarás a la gente boquiabierta, porque eligen sólo lo mejor, la ropa más trendy para ti de acuerdo con las últimas tendencias de moda.

La compra es 100% segura ya que ofrecen garantías de satisfacción y muchos beneficios, ¡recompensándote por tu lealtad!

Toda mujer tiene varios vestidos en su armario. Quizás algunos no nos entiendan, pero sabemos que cada vestido tiene su lugar. Ese vestido de noche que siempre nos saca de un apuro para un día de fiesta. Ese vestido corto que nos hace sentir sexy. También ese vestido largo que nos da un toque de elegancia. Y es que para cada ocasión hay ese vestido que al fin y al cabo nos hace sentirnos especiales. Ofrecen una amplia selección para tus días más cómodos hasta para los días de oficina. Pero también para tus celebraciones, eventos y citas. ¡Déjate sorprender!

He seleccionado algunos de sus preciosos vestidos, además ahora se acercan celebraciones de todo tipo: desde bodas, comuniones o bautizos, donde podremos llevar unos outfits más clásicos y elegantes, a fiestas en la playa, cócteles y situaciones donde los looks más informales y bohemios toman protagonismo. Si quieres saber más, tan sólo haz click en la foto que más te llame la atención y descubrirás tallas, colores y precios. ¡No dudes en dejarme tu favorito en la sección de comentarios!

Sexy pijamas by Freedomsilk

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How are you? Do you remember this amazing online store? Specialize in silk bedding and silk sleepwear of the finest quality Freedomsilk silk is hypoallergenic, and kind to skin and hair. Silk is one of the popular fabrics for apparel because of its unique properties. Silk is most luxurious fabric, the most comfortable fabric, the most absorbent of fabrics (equal to wool), the best fabric for drape, the best fabric for color, capable of the greatest lustre, having the finest "hand" etc. These are some of the factors which make the fabric more popular. The fabric is cool in summer and warm in winter. A set of smooth silk pajamas will not only let that happen, but they might even help us unwind at the end of the day and fall asleep faster. If you want more information, please click the pictures below.

Silk pajamas
Ready to take your nightly routine up to the next level? We rounded up some of the best silk pajamas on the market that lend themselves to the perfect slumber. From lace-trimmed camisoles and shorts to pajama shirts and pants, you’ll want to wear these whenever you can, even during the day.

Silk camisole set
Sure, they don't come cheap, but these pieces double as street-clothes too, so you're really getting double the wear for your money. And honestly, what's more grown-up than wearing fancy silk camisole set to work? Click on to step into what adulthood really feels like. Hint: it's silky soft.

Silk robes
The weekend is finally here. You can breathe out a sigh of relief, you've earned it. But haven't you also earned the ability to lounge around and watch Netflix in something other than the high school sports t-shirt you've been wearing for a decade? Become fascinated with the beauty of silk robes and the texture of antique lace. This fascination turned to inspiration and ultimately led to the success of venture. Feel the “yummy-you” in ultra-chic mid-length fancy robes, designed to lounge the days and nights away. It hosts a chic shawl collar and frontal pockets. A matching belt enables the perfect fit.

Women's silk nightgowns
You don't have to born as a princess, this vintage silk nightgown will address for you. Luxury lace adorns the empress V neckline at front and conquers through to the waist at back. Playful lacey creeps along the back slit at the waving drape. Just be confident by walking as royal as you can be.