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Fancy engagement rings by Milejewel

Hello darlings, hope you're having a great day!

I want to introduce you Milejewel. In 2006, the young designer Paul was invited to design jewelry for Mile, a 70-year-old woman full of affectionate stories whichare behind each piece of jewelry, love, affection, friendship, sadness, happiness... stringing up her ups and downs of life. Paul was deeply moved after listening Mile’s story, he realized the extraordinary significance of jewelry in women's lives. After one year of preparation, Milejewel was born on NJ City in 2008. Proud of that, they decided name the company after the woman's name who inspired them.

Engagement rings are the ultimate expression of love, which is why their design requires a personal touch. At this website, it’s easy to find the engagement ring of your dreams, down to the last detail. Choose from hundreds of lovingly handcrafted engagement settings in a range of popular styles including solitaire, circonia, gold, silver... Browse more than thousands for the perfect center stone to complete your engagement setting. Then, sit back and admire your beautiful creation! Please click the pictures below to know more info.

Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings

These princess rings are a brilliant finger adornment with a simple, refined design. Made of rose gold or plated fine 925 sterling silver. Set with 2.9 carat pink CZ (Princess Cut) in pong setting. Band measures 1.3mm in width. Undoubtedly the most classic cut, the princess cut styles are coveted for their versatility and breathtaking brilliance. If you prefer timeless glamour, this cut is meant for you.

Silver engagement rings for her
These solitaires with side stones ring showcases a stunning array of sparkle and an exquisite center stone. Made of rose gold plated fine 925 sterling silver. Features 1.0 carat round cut clear cubic zirconia (6.5mm) in prong setting. Accented with 0.24 ctw round cut cubic zirconia in pave setting. Band measures 1.3mm in width.

Undoubtedly the most classic cut, the round cut styles are coveted for their versatility and breathtaking brilliance. If you prefer timeless glamour, this cut is meant for you.

Splendid bedding sets by FreedomSilk

Hello guys! How are you?

In 2013, FreedomSilk creator Belle was prescribed acne medication which resulted in extremely sensitive skin and thinning hair. Her dermatologist suggested sleeping on a silk bedding. Unable to find one, she searched throughout United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, and France, comparing different qualities of silk. After gaining a deeper knowledge about silks, she decided that silk from China would be the best choice. After all, silk was originally discovered in China and has been a coveted secret for a thousand years. Belle set out to find the best manufacturer of silk in China for the highest grade, 100% pure, all-natural silk with a luxurious, durable weight. The best silk possible for the skin, completely free of toxins and allergens. The results were dramatic and immediate. She’s never looked back. She had stumbled upon a long forgotten beauty secret - and Freedomsilk was born.

The mulberry silk pillowcase all were crafted from 100% natural protein-rich mulberry silk fabric which will give you a very great sleeping experience. Two Closure: Envelope Closure, zipper Closure. 3 Momme style 19MM, 22MM, 25MM. Two Flange Oxford, Housewife. High quality silk pillowcase will provide many years of regular use, which save for us. Protect our hair to a certain extent, farewell to dry and frizzy hair.

You will get a very super comfortable and extremely sleep experience from our natural mulberry silk bedding sets. We have all size of silk bedding set you need, such as cal. king, full, king, queen and twin. We have 19, 22, 25 momme silk as comfortable as possible. You can enjoy your valuable time.

Choose some comfortable and soft bedding with our top quality pure mulberry silk fabric. You will find their best skin-friendly bedding includes bedding sheet set, silk duvet cover and Silk Comforter all are necessary for dreamy sleep in all reasons. And there are many different colors for your choice, like pink silk bedding, black silk bedding and other color of silk bedding. There are many benefits to use their luxury silk bedding on your bed, made from same 100% grade A mulberry silk as its seamed counterpartit's smooth, light and soft, you may have a relax with it.

Lovely mermaid brushes by Dresslily

Hello sailors!!

This order like it's been lifted straight from Ariel's own treasure trove. I quietly teased a mermaid tail brush set (because how else would you put on your seaworthy shadow?). After what seems like an eternity of living without our tail fins, my makeup brushes are finally here.

I just want to thanks Dresslily for the fast shipping (9 days China-Spain!) and great products!!

MAANGE 11Pcs Mermaid Makeup Brushes and Foundation Brush

Made from high-grade synthetic fibers. With superior-quality, the makeup brushes in the set will not irritate your skin. Soft and silky to the touch, they apply makeup evenly and are easy to clean. Compatible with any type of cream, powder and blush. Effortlessly buff and blend your make-up onto the skin. Suitable for professional use or home use, easy to use and portable. Please, click the pictures below for more information.

I'm absolutely amazed by these brushes! The quality is top notch and the mermaid tail design is just beautiful! The way they glide across the skin is like butter and they are very comparable to Tarte brushes! I would have to honestly say these are the best brushes I ever bought thus far. The fish brush is amazing!! If you have been eyeing these stop everything you are going and buy them here.

Brush hair material: synthetic hair
Package contents: 10 x brushes (pcs) 1 x chunky brush
Size: aprox 16,5 x 21 cm
Price: 9,99$