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Spring trends with Anemoye

Hello sweeties and happy monday!! How are you?

Do you know Anemoye? This slovenian wholesale women clothing company offers competitive prices and ship to over 200 countries & regions. Pay with the world’s most popular and secure payment methods!

Most wholesalers get their fashion stocks from the producers that commercialize the latest collections in bulk, at volume discounts. Others purchase overstocks and closeout merchandise from retailers or distributors. Their clients are the resellers that purchase those stocks and sell it to the final consumers. Often, this process is financed through merchant factoring or vendor finance.

Spring is coming... No matter how or where you wear the color, pink has always will always be a statement, one backed by a slew of powerful women from real and fictional past. Take a look at the way pink powered its way onto the latest season: millennial pink isn't going anywhere!

Living coral may indeed be the color of the year. But for spring 2019, expect to see many shades of beige. I’ve been in love with Anemoye friendly colors of blush pink, oatmeal, soft caramel, off-white. They reflect a versatility but also a subtle strength! On the other end of the spectrum, prints are still alive. Among animal prints, a particular favorite is the leopard. Prints are also in vogue, like tie-dyes and loud florals. It fits the sunny weather we will be enjoying in the next few months. Check the best wholesale women clothing to update your wardrobe!

Please, click the pictures below and tell me your favorites!!

Hair extensions: advantages and disadvantages with Amazing Beauty Hair

Happy friday my girls! I hope that you had a great week!

If you've ever tried shopping for naturally-looking hair extensions, you know the struggle. They can be expensive. They're sometimes not as effective. Colors can be limited, and guess what? That means matching hair tones is a challenge. But I found this website: Amazing Beauty Hair Extensions. This online store was created in 2015 to bring you the best in hair extensions and accessories.

They carry the best human hair extensions: clip-ins, and tape-ins. They have an own factory, so unlike other big brands, they can keep prices lower by eliminating the middle-man. Here you will find the most affordable hair extensions of the best quality, and their customer service can’t be beaten! They supply worldwide free shipping. All price on their website includes standard free shipping and they have warehouses in China and California (USA).

If you have thin hair like me, you know the battle with growing out your hair the longer it grows the stringier it appears. Fortunately for girls like us, hair extensions can add both length and volume to thin hair! You will just need enough hair to lie over the top weft to cover it. Backcombing the hair above the top weft can help disguise it easier if your hair is very thin. For the majority of people, no teasing is required to cover the tracks.


Hair extensions, which transform even the thinnest head of hair into a luxurious mane by adding volume and length, are now quite the rage. Throngs of celebrities are rumored to wear them, but extensions can cause

  • Hair tangling.
  • Matting and loss of shine.
  • Itchiness.
  • Yes, pain.

They can also cause contact dermatitis and in rare cases, life-threatening allergic reactions from sensitization to glues, rubbers, or other chemicals used for extension application and removal. We've all seen someone that just has awful hair extensions, and we don’t want to end up the same way. In order for them to look this good, they must be made of one hundred percent human hair, be installed correctly, and perfectly match the color of your hair. As long as you get your correct extensions you're going to find that they end up looking great!


Hair extensions can change the appearance of the individual who wears them. This is basically the main reason why many women use them. Those who (hello, me) suffer from thinning hair can have their pick of styles and shades from a wide array of choices, the possibilities are endless. The present day techniques have optimized hair extensions to give a more natural look. The procedure is non-invasive hence painless and less time consuming.

  • Invisible.
  • Easy to use.
  • No damage.
  • Instant length and volume.
  • Versatile hair.

The use of Amazing Beauty Hair extensions, combined with their expertise haircare tips, can help you get your dream hairstyle. These hair extensions are all 100 % real remy human hair, meaning they can be washed and styled like your natural hair. This allows your hir to blend and look natural with these extensions. These extensions are flexible enough to create ponytails and up-do's, too!

Remy hair is the best quality human hair on the market right now because it's cuticle are kept intact, rather than non-remy hair, remy human hair can last much longer and feels more smooth and looks very natural. All of their hair extensions are made from 100% remy human hair.

By focusing on 2 types of hair extensions they bring superior quality and dedication to all of their products: tape and clip.

Are one of the easiest hair extensions methods. You can get any length of hair with tape in hair extensions, also it is super easy to install, you can either do it yourself or find a friend to help you to install. You have many choices of tape in hair extensions from hair length 14 inch-22 inch and with more than 50 colors (making more) available. There is complete no damage to your own hair when you install and remove tape in hair extensions. With proper maintainance, tape in hair can last 6 months and they are reusable.

Is the quickest and simplest way to get longest and fullest hair. Clip in hair extensions are 100% remy human hair. With a clip in hair, you can transform your hair instantly and blend seamless with your own hair. They aim to supply the most affordable price clip in hair online. They can be curled, colored, styled just like your own hair. With proper care, the hair extensions can last more than 1 year! You can put them on and remove them whenever you want!

Make sure that you are wearing them as low as possible on your head. This will make it easier to disguise and blend with your own hair. Backcombing the hair above the top weft can help with additional disguising it if your hair is very thin. You also want to make sure that the extensions lay flat across your head, hair extensions should not be visible if worn correctly. If you feel like it is too much hair, you might want to consider wearing less tracks on your head at one time.

They have over 26 colors available. When it comes to hair extensions, you want to look good and also have fun! Any color you want to make that happen. Also have different textures, lengths, and they have hair for any method of extension application you choose. Amazing Beauty Hair has the experience and quality you are looking for in hair extensions. They are a top seller on Amazon, with thousands of hair extensions sold and 100% positive reviews. You can trust them to provide you with the best quality hair at a great price!

Ok guys, now that you've weighed all the pros and cons of the different ways to get hair extensions, don't forget to comment below to let me know which method you would like to try out and which you would never in a hundred years haha.

Sequin prom dresses us at 27Dress

Hello my darlings! I hope each of you had a great weekend!

Sequins for party season are the equivalent of florals for spring: not exactly groundbreaking. What’s different this time around? The sheer abandon with which they are being put to use by our favorite cool-girl labels – and what 27dresses suggest you wear your sparkles with. Thanks to sports-inspired necklines, streamlined silhouettes styling masterstroke (pairing show-stopping dresses with box-fresh sneakers), a sequin party dress suddenly feels like a surprising proposition. 

Shimmer and shine in a sequin prom dresses us from this collection. The radiant sequin gowns and sequined cocktail dresses in this selection include several styles like adorable short sequined party dresses, alluring v-neck sequin wedding-guest dresses, and backless sequined formal evening gowns. If you need an upscale look, there are intricately detailed sequin-print cocktail dresses. For a formal event, shop the striking sequin evening gowns with elegant trains and stunning sequined formal dresses with long sheer sleeves. The sequin dresses and sequin gowns in this collection come in a variety of colors, styles, price points. This budget-friendly collection of dresses with sequins will surely help add a little extra glamour to your special event.

Dress your sparkles down (and make them feel far more modern) by teaming with fun accessories, ‘no makeup’ makeup and natural hair – whether that means beachy waves, a sleek bob or cascading curls. The result? Amazing! Please, click the pictures below to know more info!

Perfect wholesale shop at Anemoye

Good day my girls! How are you?

Today I want to introduce you a new wholesale womens clothing brand: Anemoye, with love for street fashion clothes. Follow their trends! You will enjoy the best outfit ideas! They ship everywere. Minimum order is 150 euro. Website is opened just to traders and shops that need furniture. Pay with the world’s most popular and secure payment methods!

Anemoye is a slovenian company that recently opened with its warehouse being based in Ljubljana. They have expanded their line and now produce fashionable clothing at affordable prices, which are available all over the world. Fashion industry reveals a part of our personalities before we even say our first "hi," and it develops and changes as we grow, allowing us to wear our histories on our backs. It lets you put your hands around art and beauty on a day to day basis, and allows you to be playful even when your day is over-filled with routine and schedules. It's pieces of who we are and who we wish we were, as well as people we admire and want to emulate!

Several people stock cheap things that we can easily find on the internet. But to make a successful wholesale womens clothing, you need much more than that! Online stores are the ultimate destination for on-trend fashion for your wardrobe. Choose from an infinite range of styles at the best value, across formal and casual, women’s ethnic and western, cute and trendy youth wear across a range of labels that are exclusively. Promise of product quality, the brand fulfils the contemporary everyday fashion need of staying stylish, whatever the occasion. And then dares you, encourages you, to make it into your life. You find something beautiful because you see yourself in that beauty. Please, click the pictures to know more info!

Peachy prom dresses online at 27dress

Happy day flowers!! How are you?

Another fashion post with 27dress.com!! Prom is the night of the year – love is in the air, everyone is gussied up, and the decor is magical. Turn up the romance with an enchanting theme like beach, garden, rustic or fairytale. A prom dress online has everything you need to pull together a lovely look from start to finish. I love pastel colours. The color peach represents immortality in Chinese culture because The Peach Tree of Immortality, long thought to be on a mountainside somewhere in the Tian Shan in western China, and which blooms only once every 3,000 years, is a key concept in the mythology of the Taoist religion (the color amaranth represents immortality in Western civilization).

Find the perfect party dress to flatter your new curves! If you're pregnant go with a one-piece, oversized, flowy dress. Wearing pieces that are too oversized can often make you look larger than your actual size, so look for something that has a bit of structure, like this last peach dress. Please, click the pictures for more info!

Cute jewelry at Happiness Boutique

Hi guys!! How are you?

I want to introduce you Happiness Boutique! Amazing jewelry inspired by modern art and vintage pieces. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, jewelry sets... They believe happiness is contagious. That’s why they strive to bring you the best picks from the current trends, offer fast worldwide free shipping, include only high quality products in their catalog, and always respond to your questions and requests as quickly as they can, because seeing you happy makes their work more enjoyable and rewarding!

Love to receive a gift of your choice for free? Interested to share your purchase, recommendations and style photos with other shoppers? Join their Customer Reward Program today and start to earn points as you shop!

Use code marymariastyle at the checkout, you will get 10% discount for orders over 19€ and it is valid until March 8th.

For my jewelry, I chose fantastic pieces. I wanted simple, yet elegant pieces, to seal the deal not steal the show. Shipped very fast, in good secure packaging and both necklaces are well made and extremely beautiful. Exactly like the pictures. I'm very happy. Thank you!

Deep Purple Quartz Amethyst Necklace

Polished silver chain finished with a beautiful deep purple ombre pendant. Pair this necklace with a plunging neckline for a dramatic effect. Also check out Purple Gem Gold Ring.

Material: zinc (nickel and lead free), semi-precious stone
Length: 40 cm
Pendant Size: 3.5 cm x 0.8 cm
Weight: 6.5 gr
Price: 14.90€

  • My opinion: I really love how nice the necklace looked, it's magical. I love the purple amethyst so much, it’s my most favorite crystal of all time. Absolutely love the energy and good vibrations that come from this stone! You'll definitely enjoy this necklace.

Half Moon Necklace Rose Gold

This beautiful delicate necklace features a popular half moon or horn design in a nicely designed 3D pattern. The necklace itself is made of stainless steel, therefore you can wear it in shower or swimming, and the rose gold color will not fade. Style this necklace with your favorite top or blouse for a chic and polished look. This necklace is also available in gold and silver color, which are also made of stainless steel.This product is hypoallergenic. Thanks to its robust and durable materials, this piece can be worn while swimming or showering. Over time, the piece may look a bit darker. This is due to regular body contact and oil from the skin. To keep your product looks its best, use toothpaste to clean it and then rinse it off with water. This will make sure your jewellery maintains its shine for as long as possible.

Material: Rose gold plated, Stainless steel
Length: 45 cm
Charm Size: 2 cm x 1.8 cm
Weight: 12 gr
Price: 18.90€

  • My opinion: Gorgeous! The moon is an empowering symbol that represents female influence, intuition and kindness as well as the power that women wield throughout the world. I have been looking for a crescent moon pendant for a long time, this one is perfect, the chain length is somewhat adjustable, nice rose gold color, great price!

Sexy Valentine's day at 27dress

Good day my dears! How are you?

Hearts, red roses and Cupid... Valentine's Day is coming!! A festival of romantic love and many people give cards, letters, flowers or presents to their partner. They may also arrange a romantic meal in a restaurant or night in a hotel. Sexy prom dresses are our favorite way to look amazing in two seconds flat, which is why they offer a stunning array of fun and fabulous dress styles. Today, I'm so excited to kick off my prom dress series with this beautiful red dresses that would make a great Valentine's Day option! Hot party dresses and gorgeous daytime looks, all of which ship quick so you can start enjoying your looks fast. For hot dresses that offer the most fashion-forward shapes and details, shop now!

With an affordable, trendy red dresses for women at 27 dresses you'll be ready to stop traffic without putting your finances in the red. Step out in a cute crimson dress. Get ready to wow the world in one amazingly hot dresses. Best going out styles, including form-fitting bodycon options, sultry and flirty ruffles, sequined looks, wrap dress styles, and more!! Please, click the pictures for more info and tell me your toughts in the comment section!